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The Benefits of Prototyping

Don’t you just love prototyping? This article covers some basics about our beloved prototype, what it is and why it is great.

Prototyping is an important part of the design process and user experience design. By prototyping we can test new ideas quickly and see if it works or improve existing functions.

Building and testing is crucial in the ux design process and is high valued over thinking and meeting. With prototypes we can test our assumptions and create better human-centered design solutions.

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Why User Flows Are Key To Better UX Design 🙌🏼

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User flows, a visualization or flowchart of steps (interactions) a user needs to take to complete a specific task on a website or app. In this article I’ve written down four reasons why the User flow is important in the design process.

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Designers in tech — who does what?

A quick guide: designer roles in the tech industry.

Have you ever felt confused about all the designer titles in the tech industry? I have and I still get surprised time to time. A while ago I got an email about a freelance request, they were looking for a Production Artist. I had never heard about that title before but I read the qualifications and there were words like create final art, UI screens, mockups, sketch, visual design and for me that sounds like a UI designer.

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Varför User Flows Är Viktigt I Designprocessen

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User flows (användarflöde) är en visualisering och kartläggning av steg som en fiktiv användare tar på en hemsida eller app för att genomföra en specifik uppgift. Ett flöde visar användarens interaktioner och ger en förståelse för vad användaren behöver för att gå vidare i interaktionen. I det här inlägget finns fyra punkter på varför User flows har en viktig roll i designprocessen.

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6 months as UX & UI Freelancer

For 6 months I've been a freelancer, time goes fast. I wrote an article two weeks in (Two weeks as a UX & UI..) and some things have happened since then. In this article I’m writing about the demand I’ve seen, meetings, important questions to ask for a new project and how I improved my sh*t.

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Lifesum could be a better app

A review of the health and fitness app Lifesum

Lifesum is an app I use multiple times a day. I track my food and my workout sessions to achieve my fitness goals. I’ve been using it every day for a year. The app has been very helpful and taught me a lot regarding nutrition. Recently I got my boyfriend to try it but his experience was not pleasant. He got super angry or should I say hangry.

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Icons that don’t make sense

What is a bad icon? And how can we avoid them?

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Two weeks as a freelance UX & UI designer

Recently I change my life.

Two weeks ago I change my job title at LinkedIn to UX & UI freelance. Life changing right!? When pushing the save button in profile settings I had huge hopes but nothing really happened, I didn’t felt anything special and I just got a few likes. This change required more work.

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