App and web design for Postnord and AFA Insurance.
I worked as an employee at Bontouch during the summer 2016 and the first half of 2017. I designed UX & UI for mobile apps, both Android and iOS, and web for Postnord and AFA Insurance.

Bontouch is a mobile product development company that creates digital products such as mobile apps, websites and wearbles.


UX & UI designer

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My Process

A process started with a briefing and ideation with the product owner. We discussed the problem and potential solutions. I took the ideation and created wireframes and flows. The flows gave a great overview of the product, steps and efficiency. The new solutions was presented for clients and built into prototype to get user feedback through user tests. 

I worked a lot with aligning the clients requirements of the digital product and user needs. To find out what the user needed or wished for I did user interviews.

The usability improvement could for example be about decrease steps, adding functions, changing the navigation architecture, treat heavy content, change tabs and solving error message/handling.

Sometimes I update the UI design of an app. Iteration of layout, buttons, font size, colours, margins and so on. My design solutions was always based upon the mobile pattern guidelines. I followed principles and human interface guidelines for iOS and Android platforms.

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User Tests

User Tests

The design was always tested with users in a lab sessions or by guerrilla tests in public places. The user tests validated the solution and gave new insights and supported the decisions in the design process. I planned, lead and documented the user test sessions. 

The design was always tested with users in lab sessions or by guerrilla tests in public places.


Cross-functional Teams

Cross-functional Teams

Cross-functional Teams

Cross-functional Teams

I worked in teams with product owners, designers, developers and testers in an agile design process. The projects was structured in sprints. We had checkups every morning and iterated different solutions within the team. I communicated solutions and new flows with developers through Zeplin.